December 8, 2013

I Just Screwed Up My Blogs Front Page...


I'll try to fix it next time, whenever that is...

My Respect for you all Abounds..

Of the three pictures posted today, this one is the most likely to get me into trouble,,,

Bubba & I in out natural habitat, killing and eating fun runners...

I'm Pretty Sure I'm Doing This Whole "Blogging" Thing Wrong...

And now that I've sat down to actually post I have to go to the bathroom. BRB...

... sorry. On the way back I stopped for a smoke, then started reading Cracked articles on my phone whilst lazing on the couch. Could have happened to anybody.

There seems to be an ad trying to rape my toolbar.

Spent some time writing a bit that I thought was going somewhere (in the literary sense) but then my mind just sort of trailed off... like that. Saved it, possibly for future expansion or deletion. 50/50, really.

I'm bored.

Want to revisit one of my stories that have gotten pretty far along (I'm looking at you, "MageOps"), but afraid I don't have anything to add. Is that a problem with authors?

It's okay. I can say I'm an author, because I've published. Didn't earn more than a dollar in commissions, but there's a copy of my first work moldering at the Library of Congress.

After 7 years of joblessness and tired of waiting for my lawyers - the leading law firm in collecting Disability benefits I've been told - to get any sort of money for me I'm trying to re-enter the workforce. Got myself in LinkedIn and everything. My resume may be dated and not the best example of work history around but even I can admit it's not too shabby, in comparison to some I've seen. So maybe I CAN get work again. Who's to say?

Oh yeah: employers.


October 7, 2013

Looks Like I'm Back Here Again...

As you may or may not know (although I doubt I'm anywhere near popular enough to rate stalkers) I've been off the grid here for a while. And that's a bad thing.

I love this site: it's so me. From the fonts to the cover illustration by my boy Gino Collins, it just suits me to a very old, smelly and broken-in tee. So I'm coming back here, bitches. For good or for ill.

More to come, most especially my newest afterbirth - 'My Hero Nelson'

More to come...